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 What a gloomy chilly morning it is here in Northeast Nebraska. We missed all the snow that hit Omaha and Lincoln and south which is a blessing. We just got rid of the last blast and glad of it.

  Spent the weekend babysitting the granddaughters at Pierce. It's funny what a 3 year old and almost 2 year old can tell you! They are too full of energy.....I know why the young have kids cause we can't keep up with them. Seriously though, if you have small children or grandchildren, enjoy spending time with them because they grow up way, way too fast. Mom and dad don't believe that, but grandmas and grandpas do.

  Are we destined for a wet or dry year in 2019? We just never know in Nebraska. I believe we're ahead in the moisture department so that makes spring a little easier. Do you have plans for your flower and vegetable gardens finalized? Try something new this year...a different perennial in your flower border or maybe a new kind of tomato or pepper in your vegetable garden. I'm planning on narrowing down the number of tomatoes I plant and increasing the amount of potatoes I put in. At the end of the season I always have too many tomatoes not getting used. I don't usually can them so 2 to 4 plants should be enough for fresh eating.

  Hope you're getting some of those New Year's resolutions resolved....getting in better shape, clean out that junk room, etc. I need to start one of those projects myself....January's half over!

  Have a happy and healthy 2019!

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