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2020-21 Our Second 2 year Catalog! 

Nebraska, It might not be for Everyone... But Bluebird Is!

The cover picture on our 2020-21 wholesale catalog is representing the great state of Nebraska.  "Nebraska, Honestly It Might Not Be For Everyone!" was chosen as the state's new tourism slogan.  If you have never been to Nebraska, you might wonder why anyone would choose such a slogan.  For those of us that live here, we totally understand the statement. Nebraska has various climates, vast sand hills in the west and green, populated areas in the east. Nebraskans are hard working, friendly people that are always willing to lend a hand when needed.  March of 2019 proved that correct when Nebraska suffered some of the worst flooding ever and had well over a billion dollars worth of damage with rivers, dams, roads, crops, livestock and homes destroyed.  Nebraska residents bonded together and helped where needed but it will take several years to fix all the damage that rain, snow, ice and frozen ground created in the matter of a few days. 

Even though Nebraska might not be for everyone, Bluebird Nursery is! We have a very diverse list of plants for the garden center, landscaper, nursery and gardens - both public and private. We welcome our customers, both long-time and new! Please, browse through our extensive line of plant product we offer, right here on our website at your convenience. For our wholesale customers, don’t forget to use your login and password to check prices and availability here as well. If you don’t have access to this, request it by clicking on Wholesaler Login and simply filling out your basic business information.

Don’t forget to ask about our custom growing options for your special requests and landscape projects. We have outstanding facilities to grow plant material in your requested sizes or large quantities, provided we have adequate advanced notice. Fall is a great time to get those orders in as that gives some of those slow-growers some extra time to be ready for you next season! Call and inquire about custom growing options today!! 

We look forward to another year of serving you, our loyal customers! Thank you for your business and friendship!

Since this will be a two year catalog, a supplement will be mailed in the fall of 2020 with any changes to our current catalog.

Our Top Sellers


CALLIRHOE involucrata


POLYGONATUM multiflorum 'Variegatum'
Solomon's Seal

CLEMATIS Large Flowered Hybrid Mix

ECHINACEA SombreroŽ Baja Burgundy

CALAMAGROSTIS x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster'
Reed Grass

ASCLEPIAS tuberosa
Butterly Milkweed

SEDUM japonicum 'Tokyo Sun'