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Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Looks like another weekend of snow, snow and more snow. Oh, don't forget the cold to go with it. Really getting tired of this up and down weather pattern we're having. Either stay cold or stay around what's considered average for this time of year...35 degrees.

Knock on wood I haven't caught anyone's "BUG" yet. Two of our granddaughters are sick and now so is mom. All three of them had strep throat, then Lorelei had a bronchial infection, Riley has pneumonia and mom has a cold, possibly strep throat still and is run down from taking care of sick kids. I think the other three grand kids are alright, but I guess I'll find out more tonite when I call them. Oh the fun days of raising small children!

We're planting up hanging baskets this week and wishing we had more sun to get them off to a good start. I just put in my Easter lily order with our supplier today. Seems early but I've been informed that there's a national shortage of Easter lily bulbs so I thought I better get that in.

We've got hyacinths blooming in the greenhouse that make it a lot cheerier and fragrant on these glooming gray days. Also kalanchoes and amaryllis, but no scent there.

Sounds like a good weekend for some soup and a couple of good movies OR house cleaning......I think I like the first choice better.

Stay warm.......think positive....spring will come....I'm almost sure of it!

                                                                            Deb Karel and the staff of Gardenland - the retail division of Bluebird Nursery, Inc.