Gardenland Hours



 Gardenland Hours    Phone: (402)892-3442

Monday - Friday:  8:30am to 5pm (If temps reach 90 we will close at 2 pm)

Saturday:  8:30am to 12:30pm


VITAME VAS - We Welcome You to the 56th annual Clarkson Czech Festival. There will be great food, wonderful music, carnival rides, a giant parade on Sunday and did I mention great food?

Our sale for this week is our annual BOX SALE. Bring in any size box and fill it with our pack annuals, individual and pack veggies, 3" temperennials and 3" filler plants all for $20. The only catch is that you have to be able to carry it out of the store yourself. This sale DOES NOT include geraniums, 4" annual flowers or any size of succulents.

We still have seed potatoes if you're looking to plant a few more and the best part is that they are FREE. We just want someone to use them. We also have some seed paks left but hurry in for those because we'll be shipping back what's left to the company real soon.

It's great to get a little rain and a cool spell. If you have weeds to pull, now is a great time to get out there and get that done. Backyard Farmer recommends not spraying any herbicides when it gets real hot because they could cause a lot of damage to surrounding desirable plants because of the vapors. Best just to pull what you can and cut off the seed heads of most of the weeds. You can take Roundup on an old brush and just touch some of the leaves on things like bindweed to knock them back. Pulling that won't do any good as it will just send out more shoots.

It's a great time to spruce up the flower beds with a little color like some temperennial grasses or vines. The nice thing about temperennials  is that you can do something different every year in those areas. Purple fountain grass, pink crystals ruby grass, sweet potato vines or candy corn vine will add some ZIP to those bare spots from winter.

Just a reminder that when temps get up to 90 we will be CLOSING at 2 p.m. It is NOT enjoyable in the greenhouse when it gets that warm.

We hope to see you later this week as the temperatures should be comfortable in the 80s. A little rain every week is good for us and also the crops. Maybe July and August will be cooler than June has been. It's Nebraska, I guess we can't hope for that too long. It's nice to dream though.

Have a great time at the Festival and enjoy the strudel, kolaces and pivo(beer). Not altogether, of course! Be safe this weekend no matter what your plans.

Oh, I almost forgot to announce our Father's Day Drawing winners. They are: $60 gift certificate-Mark Schemek of Humphrey, $40 gift certificate-Steve Schmidt of Dodge, and $20 gift certificate-Josh Urban of Clarkson. Thanks to all their families for entering them in our drawing.