Gardenland Hours

March is unpredictable as usual. Weather changes on an hourly basis anymore. We've been getting little showers here and there which is's better than 6 inches of snow for sure!

We got potatoes in the other day and we have Kennebecs, Norlands and Yukon Golds available. No onions yet, but they should be here soon. We're done with hanging baskets as we ran out of baskets so the four items that we have that we are waiting for labels for them will have to go in 4" pots for now. Perennials started coming up slowly so we're getting those organized somewhat.

Now is a good time to throw out some grass seed if you have some bare spots to fill in. These little showers help work that seed into the soil so that it can germinate better.

How's your "give up" for Lent going? I'm doing pretty good. I had one cream soda on a weekend so I'm holding up pretty good so far. Still have a long ways to go til Easter though.

Easter lilies will be in the first week of April. We will have asiatic lilies, Easter lilies, hydrangeas, floral mums and reiger begonias available for your Easter church decorating. 

Update on our new granddaughter, Riley Marie Miller. Our daughter, Becky, took Riley to get weighed this week and she gained 7 ounces in a week, so looks like she's growing at a pretty good rate. She spits up a lot and her doctor said to stop the vitamin drops she was getting as that may be her problem. Older sister, Lorelei, is still not playing real gentle with Riley. Of course, she's use to rough play with her daddy and thinks she can play with everyone that way. Lorelei starting saying no, no, no alot because that's what she hears mommy say all the time. I wish I had just half her energy. That's why young people have children because us old folks can't keep up with them anymore. They are great fun though. Grandma is the best title I think I ever got.

We've hit a few fish fries and have really enjoyed the ones that we've hit so far. Get out tonight and go to one in your area. Their profits are usually going to support a good cause so get out and help your local community and get something good to eat at the same time.

Enjoy the rest of your March and hopefully it goes out like a lamb.