Gardenland Hours



 Gardenland Hours

Monday - Friday:  8am to 5pm(closing at 2 p.m. if temps are over 92)

Saturday:  Call ahead for hours  

Sunday:  1pm to 5pm  (Through 6-18-17)

We've got a great selection of sun and shade perennials and we've got them all on sale. Our 3" perennials that are normally $2.89 each are now $2.49 each or  $75.00 for a flat of 32 plants($2.34 each) and the higher priced 3" that are normally $4.35 or $6.35 each are $3.95 and $5.95 each respectfully. 18's and quarts are $6.45 and $9.45 and #1 nursery pots will be $8.25, $9.75, $16.30 and $18.30 respectively. We have some 8" mums that we just got in and those are selling for $7.95 each. We will be getting in Fall bulbs in the end of the month or first part of September. Those will include alliums, daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips. We will also be getting some iris in for Fall plantings.

I was looking up some history on Gardenland and just realized this is our 40th year in business AND the gals in the office reminded me that 2018 will be Bluebird's 60th year in business. Once again, time sure does fly by. It's great to know that some small town-family owned businesses can still keep going even in these ever changing economic times. In honor of 40 years of business come in and register for $40 worth of perennials that we will be giving away on September 1st. Thank you all for being loyal customers and enjoying "The wonderful world of plants" as much as we do.

The Nebraska State Fair starts this weekend and runs through September 4th. We hope to make the trip this Sunday as we usually wait until Labor Day weekend and there are such big crowds. It's always fun to see all the talent we have in the state, whether it be in the plant department, photography, textiles, livestock showing or my favorite, the quilts. My mom was an avid quilter and that was going to be our "thing" when we got older. Well I did, but she passed away at 62. Someday I hope to take up that hobby. Right now I enjoyed making a barn quilt for our Czech festival that was the end of June. I also made it to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary that will be next year in April. I hope that you get the chance to get out to the fair and enjoy all the sights and sounds and especially the food. Wonder what NEW deep fat fried thing they'll have this year.

Get out and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having and if you have time and space.......PLANT SOMETHING!!!!