Gardenland Hours



 Gardenland Hours   (Call ahead for Fall hours)  402-892-3442

Monday - Friday:  8am to 5pm

Saturday:  Fall hours may vary

Sunday:  Closed

We still have all our perennials on sale and I would suggest planting now as these are all well established plants and will take off better for you in the Spring. While you're planting those perennials throw a bunch of bulbs in those areas so you have a lot of color in early spring. We have alliums, daffodils, hyacinths, iris and tulips available for planting right now. These are all high quality bulbs from Holland and will give you years of awesome color wherever you plant them.

We still have a 40% discount on all nursery stock in October.  There will be no guarantee on these items with this much of a discount. We have alot of blue spruce, hydrangeas, ninebark, small fruits and spireas to pick from yet. Fall is a great time to plant nursery stock as it is going dormant and will just be setting down roots and not trying to push out leaves which is easier on the tree or shrub. The moisture stays around longer in the Fall and weeds aren't so competitive this time of year. By the way, what did you get for rainfall over the weekend? We had about 60 hundredths here in Clarkson. Our daughter and son-in-law in Pierce had 1.50 inches and it was pouring this morning as our daughter was going into work in Norfolk.

If you have a White Pine in your yard don't be alarmed in the next few weeks if you see alot of yellow needles on the inside of the tree. This is natural shedding of 3 year old needles and happens almost every year to White Pines.

If you're in Clarkson to visit us or for some other reason, make sure you stop down to "Czech" out our little main street. We have an antique store, a bakery, a butcher shop, a hardware store, a museum(open by appt.), a mini mart/gas station, a beauty shop, a floral shop, a bank, an opera house, a dentist, a newspaper and printing office, a health clinic, an auctioneer, a couple of insurance agencies, a library and a grocery store and a bar/lounge that both serve lunch specials at noon. You'll notice that a lot of the business have designs on their windows. Those are Czech designs to help celebrate our Czech festival that is held the last full weekend in June. You'll also see a few barn quilts that were a new addition to the Czech theme this year. Hopefully there will be more of those next year. For a small town of 600+ people we have a lot of stuff going for us........stop in and see why they call us the City of Hospitality.