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Just because the weather, the news and the mood are all so gloomy I decided to brighten up the atmosphere a little bit by printing a few things that make my February a little brighter:

       1. I have been enjoying watching the squirrels and birds at their respective feeders enjoying what sun we do get. The squirrels love to chatter away and chase up and down our tulip tree and drive our miniature schnauzer, Chester, crazy as he watches from his perch on the back of our couch. The cardinal pair in our backyard usually get first dibs on what food we put out. We've also had juncos, nuthatches, flickers, finches, and sparrows of different varieties come a pick up what doesn't stay in the feeder. Occasionally we get to hear their happy songs high in our maple tree off the back deck.

      2. Valentine's Day included flowers from my husband, being home sick with a terrible cold(which eventually turned into sinus infection) and best of all a box of premium chocolates and a bottle of wine I won from a drawing at our local bank. The chocolates are getting devoured slowly here at work and the wine will be for a special day at home. My illness is getting better with some antibiotics and my flowers from hubby are still gracing our kitchen table at home. All is good.

     3. February 15th was my dad's 85th birthday and we were going to take him to do something special, but I was still sickly and didn't want him to catch this crap so I went to work for half a day and decided to be ornery and call the sale barn and have them announce that it was his birthday. Thursday afternoons you can usually find him at the barn....that's kind of his thing. He gave me a hard time for doing that cause he said he was trying to hide out and I blew his cover. It's great to still have him here to celebrate his landmark birthdays with him.

     4. Last, but I'm sure not least, we get to celebrate our youngest grandchild's 1st birthday on the February 27th. The party will be another day(on a weekend sometime soon) but grammy will get a card off to Riley Marie Miller for her big day. When she was born last year she gave everyone quite the scare. Our daughter, Becky, went to be induced on a Monday and I went up to watch their older daughter, Lorelei while mom and dad were at the hospital. As Riley was coming down the birth canal her blood pressure dropped and Dr. Vrbicky had to perform an emergency C-section on Becky. Riley had the cord wrapped around her neck and was without oxygen for a while. When they got her out they put her on a cooling mat and a ventilator and Children's Hospital sent a helicopter to Norfolk and picked her up and took her back to Omaha. She spent sometime in the nic u and 9 days total at Children's. She has come a long way from that time there. She's running around now and has about 6 teeth and is quite the little daredevil. We are so happy to have her in our life and continue to enjoy her every chance we get. Scares like that just prove to you how precious life truly is.

   Instead of listening and seeing everything that is bad in the world I am trying to look at all the positive and happy things we have in our lives. I hope that you'll try and do the same this year and let's hope that habit catches on.