Gardenland Hours

March is right around the corner and it looks like it may come in with a bang. This Friday it's suppose to turn colder and there's a chance for snow. Mother Nature gave us a little break from Winter's grasp but I think we'll pay for it either in March or April.

We got our Northrup King seed racks in last week and we've had a few people in with the itch to plant something. Some people have been asking if they could clean up their flower beds already. My suggestion is just cutting down ornamental grasses, if you have any, and leave the rest alone for now. Most of the perennials peeking out now are tender and if we get a severe cold snap it could damage them.

Have you given any thought to what you'll grow in your garden this year? We have the usual potatoes, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, onions and kohlrabi. I know that we will have to plant less tomatoes as I don't have enough cages to keep them upright so I don't have a bunch of rotten tomatoes on the ground. I usually throw in one or two pepper and eggplant just for fun. Stuff always seems to taste the best right from your own garden. I call that long distance shipping, no shipping green, no high prices.....what a deal from a package of seed or a 6 pak of starter plants! What other hobby can you have that doesn't require a huge investment in tools, licenses or talent? If you can stick a seed in the ground you're pretty much set. It's a good hobby to teach children...they have something to watch and take care of and learn patience to wait for their plants to bear fruit. What a great FAMILY hobby.

Next Monday I should be able to let you know if we have a new granddaughter or grandson. Our oldest daughter, Becky Miller and her husband Tom's baby is due February 26. She may have it earlier since the doctors tell her the baby is large. Don't babies, whether large or small, come in their own time anymore? Their daugher, Lorelei, who is almost 18 months, has a feeling something is going to change drastically at their house and soon.

Enjoy this last full week of February and get prepared for Lent. What will you be giving up for Lent? My father-in-law always said he was giving up straw hats and yellow shoes. Good idea.

Have fun at your own Madri Gras!